Spa Bar

If you're hosting your own private hot tub party, then it can be a real pain to keep on getting out of the nice relaxing warm spa to run inside in nothing but your swimming costume for some more snacks and drinks.
You could try bringing your fridge out onto the patio with you, but the risk of electrocution tends to outweigh the need for tasty snacks!

To ensure you don't have to leave your guests to enjoy your spa on their own, the Floating Spa Bar allows you to stock up on food and drink for the rest of the party! With 8 cavities of varying sizes, this inflatable food and drink holder lets you keep cans and bottles of drink, and plenty of snacks close at hand!

  • There will be no need to get out and dry off when you fancy a snack with this inflatable floating spa bar.
  • This 28" diameter inflatable spa caddy free floats in your spa or anchors onto the side using two water weighted stability chambers.
  • Includes multiple food and drink sections and two carry handles.
  • Great for parties!
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